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One Precious Life is a mental health center based on the philosophy of living the life to its fullest and helps people to do so by providing therapies to those who are in need….after all we have only one precious life!!

This center has been established by Dr Rashmi Prakash who has wide international experience in in addressing all common mental health problems, interpersonal problems and personal issues. We truly understand the pressing needs of life in today’s demanding world; the list is just unending

The aim of One Precious Life Mental Health Centre is to provide facilitative tools and counselling through online mode which is convenient and proven to be equally effective as other modes. Our interest in providing online counseling is to help you to help yourself in your own time and in your own comfort zone.

At our center online and telephonic psychotherapy is provided in a friendly and respectful manner with a guarantee of maintaining 100% confidentiality.

We provide services to adults, adolescents, and children, as well as pregnancy support counseling to pregnant women.

Contact us if there is anything that is impacting your mental wellbeing and is effecting your quality of life

  • Dr Rashmi Prakash
  • Registration no. PSY0000984624 (AHPRA)

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