Corporate Counseling

Improving mental health literacy in any organization is the most effective strategy in promoting workforce wellbeing. At One Precious Life we are equipped and trained towards empowering and engaging employees in making healthy lifestyle choices, increasing early help seeking behaviors and reducing the effect of ill mental health at an individual and organizational level.

The services that we provide to the organizations are as follows:

  • Employee Assistance Program– We provide counseling and required therapies to the employees which significantly creates positive impact on the employees’ personal life and health, co-worker relationships and the way people deal with stress and other work related issues. In Employee assistance program we deal with-
    • Mental Health issues- Stress, Anxiety etc
    • Personal issues
    • Issues in the Workplace
    • Family life issues
    • Health & Life-style issues
    • Coping strategies and adaptability
    • Structural behavioral change
  • Expat counseling– At our center we have International Registered Psychologist with 13+ years of global experience in counseling and therapy. We are well trained in providing counseling and therapy for the issues that the expats face in the different culture, ranging from adjustment issues and cultural shock to personal and family issues.
  • Stress Management- Stress is often described as a feeling of being overloaded, wound up tight, tense and worried. We all experience stress at times. Work-related stress is one of the most common stresses these days. It’s a two way sword which is affecting the employees and the organizations both very severely. Stress can cause illness and misery, both at work and at home. Stress may also compromise workplace safety, and contribute to other work-related health problems. At our center we provide CBT for stress management, also run groups and conduct effective workshops.
  • Executive Coaching– It has been proven by vast researches that intelligence is not the only contributing factor towards success. Career performance has 20% reliance on IQ and 80% on emotional intelligence. Researchers studied and successfully proved that EI is vital to personal and professional success.

At our center we provide executive coaching based on improving employees emotional intelligence. In this executive coaching we help employees to identify and focus on their unique abilities to achieve specific business objectives.

We facilitate for our clients to manage their potential more effectively by building on particular strengths and to stretch above their limitations.

  • Workshops and Trainings- We conduct a number of workshops and trainings in the organizations according to their specific requirements. All our workshops and trainings are psych-based which creates a long lasting positive impact on the attendees. We have our own set of workshops which comes under standard package and we also customize them according to the organizations requirements.
Relationship/Marriage counseling

If you want to develop a positive and respectful relationship, or struggling with relationship difficulties, going through the rough patch which has potential to end up your relationship or overwhelmed with the emotions  after divorce …. We offer family and relationship counseling as well as a range of relationship workshops.

Remember the first step towards creating a happy, healthy relationship is your own willingness to work at it.  At times couples leave it until their relationship starts to fall apart before they even think doing anything about the ongoing relationship issues.

So don’t wait up till the problems leave a scar on your relationship. Although the beginning of a new relationship is the best time to learn relationship skills and that way you’ll probably avoid major relationship difficulties further down the track. But let me tell you it’s never too late to start working on your relationships if you are willing to make it work or sort things out.

Whatever your requirements are we have the proven ability to facilitate you to deal with it in a best possible manner. You can choose to chat, speak on phone or talk on video call.

Common behavioral disorders in children and adolescents

Children can develop similar mental health issues as adults, but their symptoms may be a little different. Their disorders may range as following:

  • General child and adolescents issues
  • ADHD, Different kind of Phobias,
  • Depression, Anxiety, Conduct disorder etc
  • Eating disorder, Bullying, Self-harm
  • Substance use, Sexuality issues etc.

Mental illness in children can be a difficult task for parents to identify and accept as well. As a result, many children who could benefit from treatment in a very early age and stage of the disorders don’t get the help they need in time.

A number of disorders that develop in childhood usually persist into adulthood if not treated. It’s very important to understand the warning signs of mental illness in children and how you can help your child to cope. Working with children is a unique area requiring specialized skills and knowledge. Intervention with a child always involves others, which adds another level of complexity. At our centre we specialize in this area and can provide your child with the best possible therapeutic treatment.

Parenting Issues

The rules and norms in society are changing rapidly. At times we as an adult find it difficult to cope with the changes and in all this chaos when it comes to deal with children sometimes it gives us chills. Parents face many challenges in raising their children to be safe, happy, well adjusted, distress tolerant and able to deal with conflict and frustrations in non-violent and effective ways. A common concern for parents is how to help their children deal with the changes, and how to prevent their children indulging in violent or self damaging behavior.

We would love to help you to raise your children you always wanted them to be. All you have to do is book an appointment with us and we will work with you.

Perinatal counseling (period of pregnancy and the first year after birth) and Parenting Issues

Perinatal period is considered as the period of pregnancy and the first year after birth. There are number of issues that a woman faces during and after giving birth to a child ranging from anxiety, adjustment, stress and postnatal depression. Postnatal depression is a major mood disorder that occurs during pregnancy or within the first 12 months after the child is born.

When the symptoms of depression starts impacting the mother, her infant and/or her family, then it’s a sign that psychological help is much needed. The symptoms that as a mother or a carer you have to notice as a sign of postnatal depression are; avoiding social meetings or visiting people,  increase in interpersonal and marital problems, difficulty in caring and bonding with the infant, , last but not the least struggling with daily activities and demands.

At our centre we provide non- directive pregnancy support counseling as well as provide appropriate therapies for post natal depression to help you enjoy parenthood and caring for your infant.

Depression, Anxiety and Stress

It’s very common to feel low mood, sadness, disappointment or ‘the blues’ every now and again. But it’s a sign of depression if these feelings or a range of other symptoms that causes low mood stays longer than 2 weeks and are more severe. Just like depression anxiety is also very common and we all feel it very regularly in our daily life. But if these feelings start affecting our daily routine at home and at work and are more severe in nature then it’s a sign that professional help is much needed to address and manage the issue.

Stress is often described as feeling overburdened, tension and constant worrying. We all feel stressed from time to time. Stress act as a stimulus to our body and as a response we secrete few hormones like adrenaline and cortisol, which initiates ‘fight and flight’ response. Certain level of stress is good for us, as it motivates us to finish our tasks on time. But at times the secretion of hormones gets so continuous because of our fight and flight response that it starts affecting our mental and physical health badly….too much stress attacks on our immune system and makes us more prone to sickness.

At our clinic we provide suitable talk therapies to deal with Depression, anxiety and stress. We also have networking with other health professionals like; Psychiatrists, general practitioners, dieticians etc., so that if needed we can refer you to them in order to get holistic treatment.

Panic attacks, Phobias and PTSD

Panic disorders are described as experiencing panic attacks repeatedly, which is often caused by overwhelming anxiety and fear accompanied by physical sensations like dizziness, breathlessness, heart palpitations, pain in chest etc.

Phobias are also characterized as result of extensive fear of any particular objects and/or situations and accompanied by overwhelming anxiety.

Post traumatic stress disorder is also an anxiety disorder that is caused by some traumatic incident and the patient relives the incident happened again and again in the form of flashbacks or nightmares. People suffering from PTSD also avoid going to places, or meeting people which reminds them of the trauma. They keep themselves secluded and develop severe depression as well.

At our clinic we provide suitable talk therapies to deal with Panic disorder, phobias and PTSD as well. We also have networking with other health professionals, so that if needed we can refer you to them in order to get holistic treatment. For example; at our centre we don’t prescribe medicines but we can refer you to a psychiatrist if it’s required.

Eating Disorders, Self harm and Addiction

As we look around we see a lot of people in our society unhappy with their bodies and that make it very common to be dieting or worrying about food. But when problems associated with your eating starts interfering with your health, normal activities and quality of life then it’s a sign that you may be suffering from eating disorders.

Anorexia nervosa is the most serious eating disorder, which occurs with dangerously low body weight. Unlike Anorexia, Bulimia nervosa is less dangerous, but it also seriously affects the health of sufferers and can have serious medical issues. Though many people with eating disorders do not seek treatment for their problems for a number of reasons like; shame, fear, ignorance, procrastination etc.  However, finding appropriate help and treatment for eating disorders is necessary. Getting treatment as soon as you realize you have eating disorder can save its permanent effect on your body and in some case your precious life.

Self harm, cutting are behaviors that needs to be addressed immediately to save yourselves from doing damage to your very own body. There may be numerous reasons for self harm, like; a way of suppressing emotional pain, for pleasure, peer influence, a coping style etc.

Addictions and substance use is very common in society and there are very effective treatments are also available. The biggest problem with addictions and substance use is acknowledgement of the problem. At our clinic we provide effective treatment therapies (Motivational interviewing, CBT) to let go of your addictions and substance use. We also do relapse prevention for your addiction and substance use to help you quit for good.

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